How do I slice large files (>2GB) with tcpslice?

tcpslice versions 3.2 and 3.5, the ones we have in our machines, cannot handle large files (>2GB). I downloaded the latest version, 1.1a3 (it is now maintained by, so they got rid of the old version numbers), and placed it in /usr/dirt/src/tcpslice-1.1a3. Unfortunately, this new version cannot handle large files either.

I figured out what was wrong and patched it myself. The directory mentioned above contains the modified source code. Additionally, I placed a FreeBSD 4.x executable under /usr/dirt/bin/4.x (tcpslice-1.1a3). Happy slicing!

I also made the patch publicly available. Note that this patch has only been tested under FreeBSD and tcpslice-1.1a3. Follow these steps to obtain a patched tcpslice:

tar -zxf tcpslice-1.1a3.tar.gz
rm config.cache
patch < tcpslice-1.1a3.patch
make clean

You should also check, since they may have a newer of tcpslice that can handle large files (and compiles under FreeBSD ;)

Felix Hernandez
Last modified: Sun Nov 18 13:22:40 EST 2001