LinSched: The Linux Scheduler Simulator

John M. Calandrino, Dan P. Baumberger, Tong Li, Jessica C. Young, and Scott Hahn

LinSched is a user-space program that hosts the Linux scheduling subsystem. Its purpose is to provide a tool for observing and modifying the behavior of the Linux scheduler, and prototyping new Linux scheduling policies, in a way that may be easier (or otherwise less painful or time-consuming) to many developers than direct experimentation with the Linux kernel, especially in the initial stages of development. Due to the high degree of code sharing between LinSched and the Linux scheduler, porting LinSched code to Linux is reasonably straightforward. LinSched may be especially useful to those who are new to Linux scheduler development.

LinSched is now publicly available, though the code is still somewhat messy and the only existing documentation is this paper. I have not yet had the chance to perform the cleanup necessary to release a better version, but may do so in the future. If you do any code cleanup yourself, please let me know as it may be useful to incorporate it into LinSched. Since LinSched is a derivative work of Linux (kernel version, it is licensed under the GPLv2.

LinSched should compile successfully using "make" on 32-bit Intel platforms using the gcc 4.0 compiler. Doing so builds the "linsched" program which will run an example simulation using the LinSched API. LinSched has also compiled and run successfully on 64-bit Intel platforms when the -m32 compiler option was used. While there has been some success building LinSched using gcc 3.4.x, doing so is not recommended and will require modification of the Makefile.

If you do something useful with LinSched, modify it in a way that may be interesting to others (such as porting it to a new hardware platform or adding new features), or just have general feedback, feel free to contact me.

A git repository for LinSched is now available. This repository was created by Jon Tore and includes changes that he has recently made to update LinSched to Linux kernel version 2.6.32.

Alternately, you can click on the link below to download the original LinSched source code, a derivative of kernel version