Computer Vision on GPU

Features and Tracking, 08:30:00-10:00:00

  1. Fast Scale Invariant Feature Detection and Matching on Programmable Graphics Hardware,
    Nico Cornelis, Luc Van Gool
  2. Canny Edge Detection on NVIDIA CUDA,
    Yuancheng Luo, Ramani Duraiswami
  3. Fast Gain-Adaptive KLT Tracking on the GPU,
    Christopher Zach, David Gallup, Jan-Michael Frahm
  4. Realtime Phase-based Optical Flow on the GPU,
    Karl Pauwels, Marc Van Hulle

Coffee break, 10:00:00-10:30:00

Poster session, 10:30:00-12:15:00

  1. Visual Cortex on the GPU: Biologically Inspired Classifier and Feature Descriptor for Rapid Recognition,
    Kris Woodbeck, Gerhard Roth, Huiqiong Chen
  2. Stereo Depth with a Unified Architecture GPU,
    Oge Marques, Joel Gibson
  3. Hardware-Based Camera Calibration and 3D Modeling under Circular Motion,
    Bo Shu, Xianjie Qiu, Zhaoqi Wang
  4. Efficient Scan-Window Based Object Detection using GPGPU,
    Li Zhang, Ram Nevatia
  5. Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard for Encryption and Decryption of Images and Text on a GPU,
    Manoj Seshadrinathan, Kelly Dempksi
  6. CUDA Cuts: Fast Graph Cuts on the GPU,
    Vibhav Vineet, P. J. Narayanan
  7. GPU-based Motion Detection from a Moving Platform,
    Qian Yu, Gerard Medioni

Lunch tutorial "GPU programming in CUDA" (lunch registration required), 12:00:00-14:00:00

Joe Stam, NVidia
Lunch will be provided during the tutorial. Please register by e-mail if even if you are registered for the workshop.

Depth on GPU, 14:30:00-15:15:00

  1. Efficient Visual Hull Computation for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction using CUDA,
    Alexander Ladikos, Selim Benhimane, Nassir Navab
  2. Fast and Exact Solution of Total Variation Models on the GPU,
    Thomas Pock, Markus Unger, Daniel Cremers, Horst Bischof

Coffee break, 15:15:00-15:45:00

Optimization, 15:45:00-16:55:00

  1. Fast K-Nearest Neighbor Search using GPU,
    Vincent Garcia, Eric Debreuve, Michel Barlaud
  2. Mutual Information Computation and Maximization Using GPU,
    Yuping Lin, Gerard Medioni
  3. Particle Filtering with Rendered Models: A Two Pass Approach to Multi-object 3D Tracking with the GPU,
    Erik Murphy-Chutorian, Mohan Trivedi