Efficiency and Cost Tradeoffs Between Aluminum and Zinc-Aluminum Die Cast Heatsinks

I have a Problem! I have a gob of high power chips and the marketing people will only let me air cool it!


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9 Kilowatt Video Kiln Compact box of 400 custom processors

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Modern Day Problems for Thermal Engineer

Heatsinks for Forced Air Cooling Charts say to water cool but marketing says no...

Heatsink Materials Do you really need the Best?

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Comparing the Heatsink and Material Combinations

Pros/cons to Aluminum Extrusions Never a perfect solution

Machined Heatsinks Never a perfect solution

Die Cast Heatsinks The Good...

Die Cast Heatsinks The Simple

Disadvantages to Die Cast Heatsinks The Bad...

Advantages to Zinc-Aluminum vs Aluminum Die Casts The Not So Shabby...

Notes on Zinc-Aluminum vs Aluminum Die Casts

Die Cast Heatsinks Comparisons

Heatsink Material’s Casting Properties

Multiple Heat Sinks per Board


Who’s Happy Now?