1983 Mercedes 300SD

1983 Mercedes 300SD Interior
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  So far I have 293,000 miles and the car is as strong as ever.  Even for a 20 year old car, it handles better han my Corvette.  Some people may scoff at that but here is why:

  The 1982- on S series Mercedes were the first production vehicles ever to use high strength strucural steel through its body and frame.  Additonally, most of the hoods, non-strucural pillars and other such items are alumium to reduce weight up high to lower the center of gravity.  The frame is the stiffest of any production car, supposedly about 3 times stiffer than the average.  Once you'll ride in one you'll notice it right away too - no matter how big of a bump, the car won't bob nor flex or squeek at all.  Suspension wise, it has a new anti-dive 5 point suspensions and in the rear a high performance independed suspension.  The Corvette has a modified 1962 designed suspension.

  Maybe not the best comparison, the Mercedes costs 50% more than the Corvette and where the Corvette convertable is flashy and showy, the Mercedes is stately and elegant.  I think the 1980's S series had the most beautiful front view of any car ever, and I used to own a Rolls Royce.

  I have put on 120,000 miles myself in 8 years and as long as one chnges the oil and filter every 5,000 miles, it will be your buddy.  The turbo charger loves it even more than the engine.