Pictures of Kurtis
2003 -

Rare images with Kurtis actually in them...

Kurtis Keller at top of Mt. Major central New Hampshire.  Big climb.

Kurtis playing Disk Golf in New Hampshire  Kayaking in Swansboro NC, Joni, Kurtis and dog Emma to left.

Bartending at the giant bar at home.  New Year's in Key West with also happy, unknown drunk.

Party girls with Cap't Tony in Key West - after cousin Chris's wedding.  I hope I can remain as spunky, and lucky, as Cap't Tony here.  Cap't Tony's saloon, having fun.

Gerald, Bob, Jim, Kurtis and 225 lb Blue Fin tuna caught off Cape Lookout NC.

Kurtis taking turn reeling in blue fin tuna.  
225 lb Blue Fin Tuna caught off of CapeLookout North Carolina.

Reading at B&B in Key West Fla.  Playing Boris the Spider in Washington DC.

Kurtis at controls of nuclear submarine (deactivated - people have more sense than to put Kurtis in control of a real one!).  Kurtis at beach in Southern New Hampshire.

Of course this is in Key West.  What is that thing above Kurtis?  Why is there a chair in the guy's bathroom?  If you guessed right, it is the butt of burrow with eyes glued on.  No idea why the chair faces the urinal...  Joni & Kurtis