Hiball3 Mechanical Mount
May 6, 1998

   Click for full resolution image of hiball optical mount

  The hiball is the optical mount for all six sensor / lens systems on the optical tracker ceiling.  The hiball maintains an ultra-rigid mount between each of the optical paths to maintain constant calibration.

  The hiball was designed by the Microelectronics Systems Laboratory at UNC. Fabrication of the actual hiball mount which includes CNC turning and machining on a 5 axis CNC machining center, is performed by the University of Utah's Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering departments.

  These drawings are to show the changes from the first hiball design in operation to the second, named "hiball3" here.  This change eliminates 20 hard to machine and access 1.8mm dia holes and replaces them with five 1/2" diameter holes.

        Click for animated image

View down optical path
View through two lens holders
View from side
Kurtis Keller  5/6/1998