Publications and Patents by Kurtis Keller

CV & Bio (in PDF format)

Electronic Cooling & Packaging Research Presentations:

“Severe Environment Conduction-cooled Boards with Daughter Cards - Design Methods and Analysis”, Kurtis Keller; ASME InterPack 2003,

"Commercial Packaging Solutions for a Research Oriented Graphics Supercomputer", ASME InterPACK '95, Kurtis Keller & John Poulton, 1995

"Efficiency and Cost Tradeoffs Between Aluminum and Zinc-Aluminum Die Cast Heatsinks", ASME InterPACK '97, Kurtis Keller , 1997

"Low Cost, High Performance, High Volume Heatsinks", IEEE IEMT '98, Kurtis Keller, 1998

"Cast 3D Heatsink Design Advantages", IEEE Itherm '98 , Kurtis Keller, 1998

"Low Back Pressure Heatsink", US Patent Pending, Kurtis Keller

Optics: Head Mounted Display (HMDs)& Tracking Research Presentations:

“Head Mounted Displays for Medical Use”; Kurtis Keller, Andrei State, and Henry Fuchs; Invited Paper; Journal of Display Technology, IEEE and OSA, Vol. 4 Number 4, 2008

"Simulation-Based Design and Rapid Prototyping of a Parallax-Free, Orthoscopic Video See-Through Head-Mounted Display," Andrei State, Kurtis P. Keller and Henry Fuchs; presented by UNC & InnerOptic Technology Inc. ; Proc. International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), Vienna, Austria, Oct 5-8, 2005

"Monticello Through the Window", 4th Symosium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 2003, Nathanial Williams, Chad Hantak, Kom-Lim Low, John Thomas, Kurtis Keller, Lars Nyland, David Luebke and Anselmo Lastra. 2003

“Eye-Centric, Orthoscopic Video See-through Augmented Reality Head Mount Display System”; Andrei State, Kurtis Keller, Jeremy Ackerman, Henry Fuchs; patent pending.

“Mixed Reality HMD Design”, Andrei State & Kurtis Keller; VR2002.

“Full color spectrum projector”, Kurtis Keller, Henry Fuchs, Leah Vicci., patent pending

"High-Performance Wide-Area Optical Tracking -The HiBall Tracking System", IEEE Presense  October issue, 2001, Greg Welch, Gary Bishop, Leandra Vicci, Stephen Brumback, Kurtis Keller, D'nardo Colucci, 2001

"The HiBall Tracker: High-Performance Wide-Area Tracking for Virtual and Augmented Environments", VRST '99, Greg Welch, Gary Bishop, Leandra Vicci, Stephen Brumback, Kurtis Keller, D'nardo Colucci, 1999

"Perception in HMDs, What Really Makes them all so Terrible", SPIE Helmet- and Head Mounted Displays III '98 , Originally presented at Aerosense, April, 1998, Kurtis Keller & D'nardo Colucci, 1998

"Video See-through HMD for Surgery Assisted by Augmented Reality", SPIE EI ' 97, D. Colucci, G Hirota, K. Keller, A State, S. Drake, R. Fish, 1997

"Video See-through Design for Merging of Real and Virtual Environments", VRAIS '93, Emily K. Edwards, Jannick P. Rolland and Kurtis Keller, 1993

Medical Augmented Reality Research Presentations/Patents:

“Single-Imager Stereo Endoscope”; Kurtis Keller & Andrei State. SPIE Medical Imaging, 2011

“Thin-foil magnetic force system for high-numerical-aperture microscopy ,” Fisher, J. K., L. Vicci, J. Cribb, K. Keller, B. G. Wilde, T. O’Brien, K. Desai, , R. M. Taylor II, R. Superfine; Review of Scientific Instruments; 2006

“Towards Tumor Detection through Optical Tomography in a 3D Depth Extraction Endoscope”; Kurtis Keller, Adam Wax, Caroline Green, Andrei State, and Henry Fuchs; MMVR, January, 2005.

“Endoscopic Tumor Detection with 3D measurement” – Kurtis Keller, Andrei State, Caroline Green; patent pending

“3D Endoscopy using Polarized Light” Kurtis Keller, Jeremy Ackerman. patent pending

“3D Force Microscope: a nanometric optical tracking and magnetic manipulation system for the biomedical sciences,” Fisher, J. K., L. Vicci, J. R. Cummings, K. Keller, B. G. Wilde, T. O’Brien, K. Desai, C. Weigle, G. Bishop, R. M. Taylor II, R. Superfine; Review of Scientific Instruments; October 2004.

"Methods and Systems for Real-time Structured Light Depth Extraction and Endoscope Using Structured Light Depth Extraction", UP Patent # 6,503,195, 2003; Kurtis Keller, Jeremy Ackerman, Michael Rosenthal, Henry Fuchs & Andrei State, 2003

“A 3D force microscope.”; Cummings, J., C. Weigle, L. Vicci, K. Keller, B. Wilde, J. Fisher, D. Sill, G. Bishop, G. Welch, J. Y. Jeong, R. M. Taylor and R. Superfine; Biophysical Journal, vol. 82 No. 1, 2002.

“Switched Pattern Laser Projection for Real-time Depth Extraction and Visualization through Endoscopes”; Kurtis Keller,, Jeremy Ackerman, and Henry Fuchs; 2002, International Symposium on Optical Science and Technology SPIE's 47th annual meeting.

“Touching In Biological Systems: A 3D Force Microscope,”; Superfine, R., G. Bishop, J. Cummings, J. Fisher, K. Keller, G. Matthews, D. Sill, R. M. Taylor II, L. Vicci, C. Weigle, G. Welch and B. Wilde; Proceedings of Microscopy and Microanalysis; Quebec City, Canada, 2002.

“Surface Reconstruction of Abdominal organs using Laparoscopic Structured Light for Augmented Reality Applications”,Electronic Imaging 2002 – Photonics West, Jeremy Ackerman, Kurtis Keller, Henry Fuchs, 2002

“Augmented Reality Guidance for Needle Biopsies: A Randomized, Controlled Trial in Phantoms, MICCAI 2001”, Rosenthal, M. R., State, A., Lee, J., Hirota, G., Ackerman, J., Keller, K., Pisano, E., Jiroutek, M., Muller, K., & Fuchs, H, 2001

“Real-Time Anatomical 3D Depth Extraction”, MMVR2001, Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2001;   Jeremy Ackerman and Kurtis Keller, 2001

"Augmented Reality Assistance for Needle Biopsies: From Early Prototypes to a Controlled User Study", IMPSE 2000, Andrei State, Michael Rosenthal, Joohi Lee, Gentaro Hirota, Jeremy Ackerman, Kurtis Keller, Etta D Pisano and Henry Fuchs, 2000

“Real-time Structured Light Depth Extraction”, SPIE EI 2000, Photonics West - Electronic Imaging 2000;  Kurtis Keller and Jeremy Ackerman, 200

"Methods and Systems for Real-time Structured Light Depth Extraction and Endoscope Using Real-time Structured Light Depth Extraction", US Patent Pending, Kurtis Keller & Jeremy Ackerman, Michael Rosenthal, Henry Fuchs and Andrei State.

"Augmented Reality Visualization for Laparoscopic Surgery", MICCAI ( Proceedings of First International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention) '98 -,  Fuchs, Henry, Mark A. Livingston, Ramesh Raskar, D'nardo Colucci, Kurtis Keller, Andrei State, Jessica R. Crawford, Paul Rademacher, Samuel H. Drake, and Anthony A. Meyer, 1998

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