SunStone Clubhouse

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We wanted our wedding to be a party that we would all enjoy and remember! It worked out very well. Joni's close friend Cheryl Elia reserved her clubhouse, and it was perfect! Not only was it the right size for about 70 people, it was set up for that number either inside or outside in case of rain.

Here are two pictures from the decks after the wedding ceremony:


Inside was a nice party floor with several sitting areas, a pool table, a kitchen, and a bar. There also was a very large fireplace but it was not needed on the night as perfect as it was for us on October 13th, 2001.

To the left below are Joni's paternal grandparents. To the right is Kurtis Keller near an inflatable flamingo, part of the tropical theme.




Above is a very happy Kurtis's mom and Joni just before the wedding with Joni's maternal grandparents behind her. To the right, one of our inflatable tropical animals gives her a thumbs up!

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