I'm Ke Wang (王珂), a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, advised by Dr. Jan-Michael Frahm. I also worked with Dr. Enrique Dunn.

Before joining UNC-CH, I graduated with a bachelor's degree of engineering in computer science from College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, China.

My research focuses on 3D computer vision, including depth map computations, 3D reconstruction from satellite images, large-scale video data association, image geo-localization, etc. Recently I'm been using deep neural networks to do parametric/semantic aerial/satellite reconstructions. I'm expected to finish my PhD in 2017.

Contact: [Email] [Linkedin Profile]

Bringing 3D Models Together: Mining Video Liaisons in Crowd-Sourced Reconstructions
ACCV 2016
Ke Wang, Enrique Dunn, Mikel Rodriguez, and Jan-Michael Frahm
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Efficient Joint Stereo Estimation and Land Usage Classification for Multiview Satellite Data
WACV 2016
Ke Wang, Craig Stutts, Enrique Dunn, and Jan-Michael Frahm
[PDF] [Bibtex] [Project]

Physics-Inspired Garment Recovery from a Single-View Image
ACM Transaction on Graphics, TOG 2016 (conditionally accepted)
Shan Yang, Tanya Amert, Zherong Pan, Ke Wang, Licheng Yu, Tamara Berg and Ming C. Lin
[PDF] [arXiv] [Video]

Minimal Solvers for 3D Geometry from Satellite Imagery
ICCV 2015
Enliang Zheng, Ke Wang, Enrique Dunn, and Jan-Michael Frahm
[PDF] [Bibtex] [Code]

Joint Object Class Sequencing and Trajectory Triangulation (JOST)
ECCV 2014 (Oral, acceptance rate 3.5%)
Enliang Zheng, Ke Wang, Enrique Dunn, and Jan-Michael Frahm
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Stereo under Sequential Optimal Sampling: A Statistical Analysis Framework for Search Space Reduction
CVPR 2014
Yilin Wang, Ke Wang, Enrique Dunn, and Jan-Michael Frahm
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Combining Semantic Scene Priors and Haze Removal for Single Image Depth Estimation
WACV 2014
Ke Wang, Enrique Dunn, Joseph Tighe, and Jan-Michael Frahm
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