ScImage *sc_image
ScImage structure filled with parsed DCT coefficient values.
Mpeg2MBInfoArray *mbi_array
Mpeg2MBInfoArray containing Mpeg2MBInfo structures filled with parsed macroblock information.
ByteImage *dest_image
ByteImage structure to be filled with component pixel values.
1 or 0. Indicates whether plane being transformed is luminance plane.
1 or 0. Indicates whether chromaninance format is 420 or not.

Return value:

1 on success, 0 otherwise


Transforms sc_image containing DCT coefficients for one plane of a parsed I frame (i.e., Y, Cr, or Cb) into a byte image of pixel component values. Assumes that the size of dest_image is appropriate for given sc_image. Parsed macroblock information in mbi_array along with lum_flag and non_420_flag are required as well because of the possibility that field dct format was used.

Author: Ketan Mayer-Patel Date: 4/18/00