COMP 790-096: Computational Photography

Fall 2008, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:45, FB 008

Instructor: Svetlana Lazebnik  (lazebnik -at-

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Computational photography is an emerging field that aims to overcome the limitations of conventional digital cameras to produce more vivid, compelling, and meaningful visualizations of the world around us. In this course, we will study ways of manipulating and combining photographs and videos to produce new and better pictures, 3D models, walkthroughs, panoramas, animations, etc. Although we will primarily focus on computational techniques that work with standard digital photographs or videos, we will also touch on the subject of designing novel and unconventional imaging devices, such as light field cameras.

A tentative list of topics to be covered includes:

  • Data-driven image synthesis (texture synthesis, super-resolution, etc.)
  • Removing camera shake and motion blur
  • Color manipulation (colorization, white balance, etc.)
  • Image completion
  • Image compositing
  • Panoramas, mosaics, collages
  • Warping and morphing
  • Single-view and multiple-view reconstruction
  • Advanced: Beyond conventional cameras (high dynamic range imaging, light field cameras, etc.)
  • Advanced: Image forensics
The course format will consist of lectures, paper and project presentations by students, and discussions. Each student will present one or more papers during the semester and complete a final project. Participation in discussions will be an important component of the grade.

Prerequisites: COMP 665, COMP 776, or basic familiarity with standard techniques of computer graphics and digital image analysis, as well as ability to read and understand computer vision and graphics papers. If you are not sure whether your background is right for the course, don't hesitate to contact me.

If you have taken COMP 790 or COMP 776 with me last year, I really hope to see you in this course! The overlap with the topics covered in those courses will be minimal.


  • Paper presentation: 30%
  • Participation: 20%
  • Final project: 50%


Date Topic Notes and readings
August 19 Introduction - Lana
PPT (43MB), PDF (8MB)
August 21 Texture synthesis - Lana
PPT (15MB), PDF (3MB)
Reading: Efros & Leung, Efros & Freeman
August 26 Image analogies, super-resolution - Lana
PPT (33MB), PDF (5MB)
Reading: Hertzmann et al., Freeman et al.
August 28 Image completion - Lana
PPT (80MB), PDF (20MB)
Reading: Criminisi et al., Sun et al., Hays and Efros
September 2 Video textures - Ryan Schubert
Slides and videos
Reading: Schodl et al.
September 4 Deblurring - Lana
PPT (127MB), PDF (12MB)
Reading: Fergus et al., Shan et al.
September 9 Colorization - Lana
PPT (58MB), PDF (3MB)
Reading: Levin et al.
Project proposals due
September 11 Recoloring - Lana
PPT (35MB), PDF (5MB)
Reading: Gooch et al., Cohen-Or et al.
September 16 Spatially varying white balance - Megha Pandey
PPT (34MB), PDF (4MB)
Reading: Hsu et al.
September 18 Poisson image editing, drag-and-drop pasting - Jia Pan
PPT (28MB), PDF (5MB)
Reading: Perez et al., Jia et al.
September 23 Lazy snapping and GrabCut - Stephen Guy
PPT (14MB), PDF (5MB)
Reading: Boykov & Jolly, Li et al., Rother et al.
September 25 Interactive digital photomontage - Joe Tighe
PPT (55MB), PDF (3MB)
Reading: Agarwala et al.
September 30 Image deformation using moving least squares - Nirup Reddy
PPT (7MB), PDF (20MB)
Reading: Schaefer et al.
Project progress report due
October 2 Feature-based metamorphosis - Qi Mo
PPT (11MB), PDF (4MB)
Reading: Beier & Neely
October 7 Fun with faces - Lana
PPT (59MB), PDF (4MB)
Reading: Bitouk et al., Leyvand et al.
October 9 Recognizing panoramas - Gabe Hart
PPT (14MB), PDF (6MB)
Reading: Brown & Lowe
October 14 ECCV - no class  
October 21 Multi-viewpoint panoramas - Xiaowei Li
PPT (30MB), PDF (2MB)
Reading: Agarwala et al.
October 23 Photo Tourism - Lana
PPT (45MB), PDF (9MB)
Reading: Snavely et al.
Project progress report due
October 28 Tour into the picture - Haohan Li
PPT (2MB), PDF (1MB)
Reading: Horry et al.
October 30 Automatic Photo Pop-up - Tim Johnson
PPT (14MB), PDF (2MB)
Reading: Hoiem et al.
November 4 High dynamic range radiance maps - Brendan Walters
PDF (0.5MB), see also Fredo Durand's slides
Reading: Debevec & Malik, Durand & Dorsey
November 6 Gigapixel images - Lana
Slides from Kopf et al.
Reading: Kopf et al.
November 11 Programmable aperture photography - Rahul Raguram
PPT (70MB), PDF (5MB)
Reading: Liang et al., Green et al., Levin et al.
November 13 Dual photography - Peter Lincoln
PPT (24MB, zip file with video excerpts), PDF (8MB)
Reading: Sen et al.
Project progress report due
November 18 Fast separation of direct and global images, digital image forensics - Lana
PPT (40MB), PDF (8MB)
Reading: Nayar et al.
November 20 Project presentations: Tim Johnson, Jia Pan, Brendan Walters, Stephen Guy  
November 25 Project presentations: Megha Pandey, Joe Tighe, Nirup Reddy, Rahul Raguram  
December 2 Project presentations: Gabe Hart, Haohan Li, Ryan Schubert, Peter Lincoln  
December 5   Final project report due by noon -- HARD DEADLINE

List of Papers (tentative)

Data-Driven Image Synthesis

Image Completion

Removing Camera Shake and Motion Blur

Color Manipulation

Cutting and Pasting

Image Warping and Morphing

Panoramas, Mosaics, Collages

Single- and Multiple-View Reconstruction

Beyond Conventional Cameras

Digital Image Forensics

  • Digital Image Forensics
    H. Farid
    Scientific American, 298(6):66-71, 2008

Additional Papers (good for project ideas)

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