Hi! Welcome to Li Guan's home page.

Since May 2014, I work as a research scientist at Amazon, Seattle.

From Aug. 2010 to Apr. 2014, I worked as a computer scientist at
GE Global Research. My research at GE included industrial video
inspection, situational awareness, video tracking of human, vehicles,
clouds, etc. I also work on multi-sensor reconstructions and
System-On-Chip computer vision systems.

I received my Ph.D. degree in May 2010. My dissertation title is
"Multi-view Dynamic Scene Modeling". My advisor was Prof. Marc

My research interests include 3D from video, camera calibration,
camera networks, new sensing modality fusion, video segmentation,
human-computer interaction, machine learning and GPU acceleration.

4D Temporal Volume
Rendering. C++
(Coming soon.)
C source code,
Background Subtraction
with Graph Cut

MATLAB code,
Probabilistic Multiview
Video Dataset,
9 view outdoor with the
sculpture as occluder
Image Matting MATLAB
GUI, 4 algorithms include
Poisson Matting