Sculpture2PPL Dataset

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2ppl sculpture dataset (UNC Chapel Hill)

Due to the huge size of the files (appx. 1.8GB in total), I have zipped it into 10 files as follows. Sorry for the inconvenience.
(1) projection matrices of the 9 camera views
(2-10) un-conpressed avi videos for background training and the actual sequence, see detailed description below

In the dataset there are 9 avi videos of camera views of 720*480 frames. The video is resampled from the original 29.99 Hz video with the sampling framerate at 3Hz. And then the frames are re-compile into uncompressed avi at 29.99Hz. The first 30 frames are background images without dynamic objects (people) in the scene. The rest 215 frames are synchronized over cameras for papers

Please contact Li Guan at for questions regarding this dataset. Although I have left UNC, I can still be reached from this email address.
Version 0.0 May 2007

Dataset Release date: 08/18/2007