COMP 870: Homework 1

Huai-Ping Lee


Without super sampling:

Jittering samples can produce jaggy strait lines (look at the shadow of the red box). Gaussian filter produce somewhat softer edges, but the difference is not very obvious here.

Note: filtering is done within each pixel.

Jitter 4x4 samples per pixel Halton 16 samples per pixel
Tent Filter rt_jitter16_tent1.bmp rt_halton16_tent1.bmp
Gaussian Filter rt_jitter16_gaussian1.bmp rt_halton16_gaussian1.bmp

Source Code

Zip (687 KB), compiled and run on Mac OSX 10.5.4 using g++. The library for vector arithmetic is GLVU. I borrowed the BMP loader and saver code from a friend of mine.