Research Projects

Simulation-Based Joint Estimation of Body Deformation and Elasticity Parameters
(IEEE TMI, The Visual Computer/CGI 2012, ISBI 2010)

We present an accelerated method to automatically estimate elasticity parameters for a deformation simulator using an iterative optimization framework.

reduced basis
Image Estimation from Marker Locations for Dose Calculation in Prostate Radiation Therapy
(MICCAI 2010)

Our method provides a means of estimating the treatment image by mapping planning image data to treatment space via a deformation field.

seeds and m-reps
Physically-Based Validation of Deformable Medical Image Registration
(MICCAI 2008)

We propose to use the deformation fields generated in our FEM-based simulations to assess the displacement resulted from other registration algorithms.

Feature-Guided Dynamic Texture Synthesis on Continuous Flows
(EGSR 2007)

A technique for synthesizing spatially and temporally varying textures on continuous flows using image or video input, guided by the physical characteristics of the fluid stream itself.

hose demo

Previous Projects

Fast Dynamic Voronoi Treemaps
(ISVD 2010)

We present algorithms for ef´Čücient computation and dynamic update of Voronoi Treemaps and demonstrate the application of Voronoi treemaps to real-world dynamic datasets, including interactive navigation.

Shot Change Detection
(MVA 2007; IEEE TMM 2008)

A shot change detection approach based on local keypoint matching of the video frames.

shot change

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