Homework #2: Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences

Due on Friday, Oct 4, 2013


Please write a synopsis (do not copy the abstract -- doing so will end up receiving zero credit for this part) in your own words and your analysis for at least one of the following papers: (a) Beaming into the Rat World
(b) Virtual Superheroes;
(c) Play to Become a Surgeon;
(d) Computerized Cognitive Training with Older Adults;
(e) Virtual Therapy;
(f) Body Transfer in Virtual Reality.
Describe your own personal VR experience (e.g. UNC-Immersive VR Walkthrough, VR experience on flight simulators, amusement park rides, etc). Based on your own experience, do you agree with the hypotheses and conclusion of the paper(s) you read? Suggest ways that you believe can improve the current VR systems and applications (e.g. nanoManipulator, enabling technologies for people with disabilities, treatment of phobia, computer assisted surgery -- planning or treatment, etc.) from these lecture(s) and experieces.

Please email your homework to the instructor at lin@cs.unc.edu

This assignment will be graded based upon:

  • Summary/Analysis of the key findings of the VR paper (50%)
  • Description of your VR own experiences(25%)
  • Suggetions to improve (25%)