Homework #3: Animated Web Presence

Due on Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

(10pt) Creating Your Own CyberSpace & Animation

This assignment has two parts.

PART I: You will create your own personal website. (If you miss the lecture on web programming, please see lecture notes) At the minimum, your website should have (1) a picture of you; (2) links the websites of the classes you are taking this semester, including this class, if available; (3) links to your 'original work of art' from HW#1 and the animation you will create for this assignment; (4) somthing you want others to know about you or something you would like to share (e.g. links to your favorite musicians, artists, sports persons, idol, etc). Please note that you MUST save your file as a plain text file.

Part II: You will create an animation using Alice, Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, or any other software tools you know. Your animation should incorporate at least 5 basic principles of computer animation that we discuss in class. In the caption for your animation, give proper credits to the tool(s) you use to create this sequence of animation, as well as name the 5 principles you incorporate into your animation and where/how they show up in your animation.

Please email the URL of your webpage (typically http://www.unc.edu/~your_oynen_account, e.g. http://www.unc.edu/~lin1) with working links to your animation, art work, and other things about yourself to the instructor at lin@cs.unc.edu

If you don't know how to access your UNC web space, here are the two links to help you get started:

  • To get an oynen, if you don't have one: https://onyen.unc.edu
  • Putting your page on the UNC webserver: http://help.unc.edu/CCM3_007517#P22_1847

  • This assignment will be graded based upon:

  • Creation of your own webpage (50%)
  • Your animation (50%)