Final Project Report

The final project report should describe what you (and your partner, if any) have done. If it's a team project, it should be a description of how you accomplish what you've done, as well as who did what, etc. This written report can be brief or detailed; a web-based report, a WORD doc, or a set of PowerPoint slides, etc. In any case, it should be sufficient for the instructor to understand what you have done for the final project and what is involved to achieve the end results. You should clearly document the processes you've gone through in your project. For example,
  • writing programs,
  • interviewing subjects,
  • conducting user study,
  • making video,
  • designing websites, etc.
  • Also, you should list what technologies are used and/or developed by you. You may also wish to include any image(s), video(s), or other supplementary materials with this report.