Homework #3: Programming in Python

Due on Monday, November 2, 2015

(5pt) Programming Assignment

Using Python, write a program to do one of the following (you pick):

(5pt) Showcase your work

Upload a short (30 seconds to 1 minute) video to YouTube, showcasing your program and how it works. You should show the code, as well as two example inputs and their outputs. You should either narrate the video or include captions describing what the video shows.

On your personal website, add a link to the YouTube video or embed the video itself.

To create the video, you can either use screencast software (such as the free CamStudio on Windows), or create a PowerPoint presentation with screenshots of your code and your program's output. In PowerPoint 2010+, you should be able to record the slide show via the Slide Show tab, and then go to File -> Save & Send -> Create a Video to save your powerpoint (with slide timings and narrations, if you have them) as a video file. (There are good walkthroughs of how to do this uploaded to YouTube, as well.)

Please email your homework, the YouTube site (hosting your video), and your personal website to the GRC at tamert@cs.unc.edu and carbon copy (cc) the instructor at lin@cs.unc.edu.

This assignment will be graded based upon:

  • Working Code (40%)
  • Code Readibility & Documentation (10%)
  • Demonstration in Video (50%)