Wednesday, December 9, 2015



  • Motion Graphics by Jin Lin

  • BYOB programming Using Kinect as Interfaces by Ami Zou

  • Tracking the biomechanics of a user by Shawn Ahuja

  • Mini-Series of 2D Animated Games by Gaby Matalon

  • 3D Animated Film by Megan Cruz

  • Music Composition and Audio Spectrum Using LMMS and Adobe Aftereffects by Gene Sosankin and Dennis Sun

  • Comparison of Computer Graphcis Hardware by Fisher Yeargan and Zach Kessler

  • Mobile Virtual Reality Video Games by Nick Rewkowski

  • 12:15pm: LUNCH (PROVIDED)


  • Steganography: Hiding Data in Plain Sight by Ryan Gibson

  • Public/Private Key Cryptography by Scott Chappell

  • Web Design for a Business Venture by Alec Vtorov

  • Simulating an Ant Swarm by Akshay Sankar

  • A Personal Microsoft Program by Hari Chittilla

  • Rx/OTC Drug Interaction Checker by Sanjna Iyengar

  • Data Analytics and Passage Analysis by Anthony Yang

  • Calorie Counter by Chase Fortier

  • Flashcard Quiz by Kishin Aruwani

  • Design of Interactive Math Games: Equalizer by Tia Holmes

  • Next-level Statistics and Projection Systems for Football Performance by Hardin Lucas