Wednesday, May 7, 2003

SN277 & Graphics Lab

1:30pm - 5:00pm

  • 1:30pm: More Accurate Fluid Warping by Brad Davis

  • 1:45pm: Dynamic Hybrid Bounding Volume Hierarchies for Faster Collision Detection by Nolan Walker

  • 2:00pm: Recovery of Facial Shape and Motion by Jingyu Yan

  • 2:15pm: Fluid Dynamics with Erosion by Brandon Lloyd

  • 2:30pm: Constructing BVH of Continuous Adaptive Mesh for Haptic Rendering by Sung-Eui Yoon

  • 2:45pm: Interactive Brittle Fracture by Chad Hantak

  • 3:00pm: Real-Time Deformation by Jason Stewart

  • 3:15pm: Cartoon Deformation Using Medial Axes by Eli Broadhurst

  • 3:30pm: Dynamic Simplification of Particle Systems by Jonathan Robbins

  • 3:45pm: Simulating Smoke and Steam at Interactive Rates by Max Smolens

  • 4:00pm: Challenges in Fire Simulation on the GPU by Scott Larsen

  • 4:15pm: Virtual Stringed Instrument by Jeff Feasel

  • 4:30pm: Interruptible Collision Detection with Oriented Bounding Boxes by Tim Terriberry

  • 4:45pm: Cartoon Style Animation by Gabe Su