Monday, April 7, 2003

  • Constraint-Based Motion Planning for Multiple Agents by Luv Kohli

  • A Virtual Stringed Instrument by Jeff Feasel

  • Simulating Smoke and Steam at Interactive Rates by Max Smolens

  • Physically-based Modeling and Animation of Fire Using Graphics Hardware by Scott Larsen

  • Real-time Deformation by Jason Stewart

  • Simulating Cartoon-Style Physics for View-Dependent Deformable Objects by Gabe Su

  • Interactive Artistic Deformation by Eli Broadhurst

  • Volume Preservation in Interactive Modeling by Gennette Gill

  • Real-ti me Animation of Brittle Fractures by Chad Hantak

  • Dynamic Simplification of Particle Systems by Jonathan Robbins

  • Continuously-adaptive Haptic Rendering by Sung-Eui Yoon

  • Recovery of Facial Motion by Jingyu Yan

  • Hybrid Hierarchies by Nolan Walker

  • Graceful Degradation Using OBBTrees by Tim Terriebrry

  • Fluid Transformation by Brad Davis

  • Fluid Dynamics with Small-Scale Erosion by Brandon Lloyd