Monday, March 15, 2004

  • Facial Modeling and Animation using MREPs by Nico Galoppo

  • Motion Warping by Alex Krstic

  • Simplifying Motion by Brad Hinson

  • Tracking Unpredictable Targets in Unknown Environments by SriRam TVN

  • Non-Rigid Body Dynamics - Physically Based FFD Interaction by Jeremy Wendt

  • Motion Planning of Physically Realistic Deformable Objects by Russell Gayle

  • Cloth Simulation with Self Collision Detection by Nitin Jain

  • VR Uberpool by Chris VanderKnyff

  • Articulated Body Dynamics by Chris Oates

  • Facial Animation by Jason Jerald

  • Simulating Virtual Creatures by Chris Ashworth

  • Animating Firework by Sean Hanlon

  • Visual Simulation of Smoke by Alan Levicki

  • Interactive Smoke by Nathan Beddes

  • Sampled Based Haptic Rendering by Jingdan Zhang

  • Simulation using Boltzmann's Model by Naoshad Eduljee

  • Physical Simulation on GPUs by Michael Henson