Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Graphics Lab & SN 277

10:00am - 12:30pm

  • 10:00am: RNA Folding Simulation by Giff Ransom

  • 10:15am: Muscle-based Facial Animation by Michael Noland

  • 10:30am: Simulating Stone Skipping by Vinay Reddy

  • 10:45am: Modeling Plant Leaves as Thin Shells by Suddha Basu

  • 11:00am: Real-Time Simulation of Electromagnetic Phenomena by Tim Thirion

  • 11:15am: Fluid Simulation Using Octurees by Jacob Hicks

  • 11:30am: Interactive Crowd Simulation using Voronoi Diagram by Ilknur Kabul

  • 11:45am: Simulation of Ice Growth on 3D Surfaces by Liangjun Zhang

  • 12:00pm: Data-driven Fluid Simulation by Paul Mecklenburg

  • 12:15pm: Interactive, Pseudo-3D Fluid Simulation Using GLSL by Craig Bennetts