April 12, 2000

  • An Adaptive Bounding Heirarchy for Subdivision Surfaces by Scott Cooper
  • Dynamic s Simulator for Juggling by Tanner Lovelace
  • A Visual Traffic Simulation System by Ruigang Yang
  • Simulation Level of Details by Susan Fisher
  • Adaptable Spatial Subdivision Architecture for the Fast Multipole Algorithm and other Dynamic Simulation Methods by David O'Brien
  • Bottom-Up Tree Building for Collision Detection by Wesley Hunt
  • Multiresolution Collision Detection for Non-Convex Polyhedral Models by Stephen Ehmann
  • Haptic Oil Painting by Bill Baxter
  • 6-DOF Haptic Visualization of Force Fields by Ajith Mascarenhas
  • Atomic Surface Simulation Between Carbon Nanotubes and Graphite by Tom Lassanske
  • Physically-based Interaction for Hybrid Reality by Mark Harris