17 November, 1998

  • Calculating Separation and Penetration Depth of 3D Objects by Jeff Juliano
  • Subdivision Surface Survey by Adam Lake
  • Determining Important Viewpoints in Massive Architectral Models by Eric Baker
  • Dynamic Triangulation of Depth Extraction Information by Wei-Chao Chen
  • 3D-to-3D Collision Detection for Haptic Rendering by Kok-Lim Low
  • Far-Field Video by Andy Wilson
  • Modeling the Face for Animation Using Multi-Resolution Meshes by Sanjay Sthapit
  • Finding the Computational Bottleneck of Breen's Method for Cloth Simulation by Mave Houston
  • Robust, Real-Time, Multi-Resolution Dynamic 2D & 3D Voronoi Diagram Construction Using Graphics Hardware by Kenny Hoff
  • Multiple Robot Motion Planning with Formations by Stephen Ehmann
  • Hybrid Hierarchies for Distance Computation by Eric Larsen
  • Querying 3D Databases with 2D Images to Determine or Refine User Position by Benjamin Lok