Homework #3: Constraint OR Rigid Body Dynamics

Due on Friday, Nov. 16, 2007

Choose one of the two following problems:

(25pt) Problem A: A Bead on a Wire

Simulate the motion of a particle and visualize the result. The particle is defined in a Caresian coordinate system p=(x,y), and it is constrained by a unit circle centered at the origin. Use the initial position (0, 1), the initial velocity (0, 0), and gravitational force (0,-mg). Constants are given as m=1Kg, and g=9.8m/sec^2.

(25pt) Problem B: Rigid Body Dynamics

Simulate a scene with 10 balls moving on a bounded 2D plane (e.g. a box). Apply an impulse on one ball and simulate its interaction with other balls in the scene using rigid body dynamics. For collision detection, use Part (C) of Homework #2.

This assignment will be graded based upon:

  • Correctness of the implementations (60%)
  • UI, other SE factors & additional features (40%)