HTML Activities Calendar Generator

This program generates a table-based HTML calendar of activities. I wrote the program while I was helping to design the North Carolina Hillel web page.

I think my program serves the purpose quite well and has some nice features that I didn't see in other, similar programs. Rather than modify someone else's code (in a language I didn't know very well), I opted to write my own program from scratch.

I'm sure that you can think of hundreds of useful features to add to such a program. If you want to suggest a few features, I'd like to hear it. Or, if you like my program, please send me mail. Thanks!

Features of the program:

The code is not very easily customizable. One could centralize all the parts (header, footer, contact info, etc.) that you would want to change when moving it to a new web site in order to allow easy customization. But this will be left as an exercise for the reader, as they say.

A sample
NOTE: These files are provided only as a sample; they do not represent any real group, affiliated with UNC or otherwise. The month in the example happens to be the month in which I wrote this code, and nothing more. I have left a few examples of day descriptions that were appropriate to that month, as well as some generic events for example purposes.
input file
table-based output
text-only output

C source code:

I compile this with the GNU cc compiler, with no arguments necessary. I do rename the executable with the "-o" option:

gcc -o htmlcal htmlcal.c

That should work. If not, then this program is probably so old it is no longer worth you reading this page.

I thought that Dan Macks wrote a nice calendar generator in the Perl programming language. Maybe he is still out there on the web....