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Gyula Mago's Home Page
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Gyula A. Mago


Gyula Mago

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB #3175, Sitterson Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

(919) 962-1773 (Voice)
(919) 962-1799 (Fax)

To send me e-mail, click here: mago@cs.unc.edu

Secretary: Madelyn Mann
(919) 962-1922 (Voice)
mann@cs.unc.edu (e-mail)


Research Interests

Selected Publications

Mago, G. A., and D. F. Stanat. "The FFP Machine," High-Level Language Computer Architecture, V. Milutinovic, ed., Rockville, Md.: Computer Science Press, 1989, Chapter 12.

Mago, G. A., and W. Partain. "Implementing Dynamic Arrays: A Challenge for High-Performance Machines," Proc. Second International Conference on Supercomputing, Santa Clara, Calif., 3-8 May 1987, 491-499.

Mago, G. A., and D. Middleton. "The FFP Machine: A Progress Report," Dataflow and Reduction Architectures, S. S. Thakkar, ed., IEEE Computer Society Press, 1987, 340-352.

Mago, G. A. "Making Parallel Computation Simple: the FFP Machine," Digest of Papers, IEEE Computer Society COMPCON, Spring 1985, 424-428.

Mago, G. A. "Data Sharing in an FFP Machine," Proc. 1982 ACM Symposium on LISP and Functional Programming, 201-207.

Mago, G. A., and R. P. Pargas. "Solving Partial Differential Equations on a Cellular Tree Machine," Proc. 10th IMACS World Congress on Systems Simulation and Scientific Computation, Montreal, Canada, 1, 8-13 Aug. 1982, 368-373.

Mago, G. A. "Copying Operands Versus Copying Results--A Solution to the Problem of Large Operands in FFPs," Proc. 1981 ACM Conference on Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture, Portsmouth, N.H., 93-97.

Mago, G. A. "A Cellular Computer Architecture for Functional Programming," Digest of Papers, IEEE Computer Society COMPCON, Spring 1980, 179-187.

Mago, G. A. "A Network of Microprocessors to Execute Reduction Languages," International Journal of Computer and Information Sciences (in two parts), 8(5), 1979, 349-385; 8(6), 1979, 435-471.

Last updated 19 August 1996

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