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Generating and testing building hypotheses

The technique also has a lot to offer for generating and testing building hypotheses. Due to the ease of acquisition and the obtained level of detail, one could reconstruct every building block separately. The different construction hypotheses can then interactively be verified on a virtual building site. Some testing could even be automated.

The matching of the two parts of Figure 9.22 for example could be verified through a standard registration algorithm [13]. An automatic procedure can be important when dozens of broken parts have to be matched against each other.

Figure 9.22: Two images of parts of broken pillars (top) and two orthographic views of the matching surfaces generated from the 3D models (bottom)
\psfig{figure=results/, height=3cm}
\psf..., height=3cm}
\psfig{figure=results/, height=3cm}

Marc Pollefeys 2002-11-22