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The camera model

In this work the perspective camera model is used. This corresponds to an ideal pinhole camera. The geometric process for image formation in a pinhole camera has been nicely illustrated by Dürer (see Figure 3.1). The process is completely determined by choosing a perspective projection center and a retinal plane. The projection of a scene point is then obtained as the intersection of a line passing through this point and the center of projection ${\tt C}$ with the retinal plane ${\cal R}$.

Figure 3.1: Man Drawing a Lute (The Draughtsman of the Lute), woodcut 1525, Albrecht Dürer.
\psfig{figure=figures/, width=12cm}}\end{figure}

Most cameras are described relatively well by this model. In some cases additional effects (e.g. radial distortion) have to be taken into account (see Section 3.1.5).


Marc Pollefeys 2002-11-22