The following model shows the root filter (column 1), part filters (column 2) and the deformation model (column 3). Top row is the first model component and bottom row is the second model component.


NB: During the training, positive training images are adaptively re-grouped under the two model components, on the basis of their respective scores. If, at an intermediate training step, all the positive examples get allocated to one of the two components, the final model has only one active component.

Top Ranked Images

Following are twelve test images on which the above model scored the highest. The detected root filter is shown in Green if the first component of the model had a higher score and in Red if the second component scored higher. The part filter positions are shown in Blue. The correct image label is indicated below each image.

Image label: prisoncell

Image label: airport_inside

Image label: restaurant

Image label: winecellar

Image label: warehouse

Image label: trainstation

Image label: mall

Image label: jewelleryshop

Image label: warehouse

Image label: lobby

Image label: warehouse

Image label: poolinside