Jason Morris
January 9, 2002

Features of the new navigation aid

  1. Gyro Compass: eight primary cardinal points announced verbally and a audible ping for every five degrees of turn.
  2. GPS Directional Tracking System: audible output announcing grid location.
  3. Directional Range finder: Maximum effective distance should be between twenty and fifty meters. Ideally with adjustable band with for both small and large targets. Smallest objects being eight Centimeters in diameter by twenty-five Centimeters in height.
  4. Onboard Microphone and Digital Recording System: should be able to hold up to ninety minutes of recording time.
  5. Clock Calendar: Idealy tide into the recording system as a day planner with audio output.
  6. Balance Compensation System: so that not every little jar and sway of the hand causes the compass to give a new reading.
  7. Thermometer: with audio output.
  8. Cell Phone: with audio output on message board and international compatibility.
  9. Metal Detector: audio output, limited range of one meter.
  10. Spectrum Analyzer: with audio output, and three hundred fifty-six color capability. Short range of one meter or less acceptable.
  11. Object Recognition: using the sound waves or laser from the Distance Finder to identify given objects stored in memory.
  12. Cash Scanner: something to distinguish between all this money that looks the same. (Can you tell the difference between tens and twenties with your eyes closed?)
  13. Headphone jack
  14. Computer Port: for downloading and uploading data.
  15. Barcode Scan: something to make shopping independent. Audio output would identify products based on known barcodes.
  16. Talking Level