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Forest Hills Park Ultimate, Forest Hills Park, Durham NC

AKA: The Game that Time forgot

FHP Ultimate Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    6-8pm See this site for Winter 07-08 locations (starting 10/16/07).       11:00am until everyone gets too tired

FHP Ultimate Location

Where else but Forest Hills Park, Durham NC, located on 15-501 Business, south of Downtown. North of South Square Mall about 1.5 miles. South of North Gate Mall, about 3 miles. Lately we've been playing on the field across the road from the tennis courts, etc.

Mailing List Info

We have an email list of people who play (now, formerly, or futurely) at Forest Hills park. New fields, new times, new games, and parties are typically announced with this list.

Triangle Flying Disc Association

Winter League, Teams, Tournaments, High School and Youth Programs, and pickup listings.

Our Custom Disc

Artwork by Jan Demmy. It looks like this. There are a few still in circulation...



action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot action shot group picture group picture couple group picture group picture group picture group picture group picture group picture group picture group picture


group picture Back row: Joel, Ken, Josh, Scott, Rob, Christian
On bench: Kunal, Thomas, Cory, Cody, Joe, Alan
Front row: Kaleen, Martha, Clark
group picture Back row: Joel, Ken, Josh, Scott, Rob, Christian
On bench: Thomas, John the Red, Cory, Cody, Joe, Alan
Front row: Kaleen, Martha, Clark
group picture Back row: Joel, Ken, Josh, Scott, Rob, Christian
On bench: Kunal, Thomas, Cory, Cody, Joe, Alan
Front row: Kaleen, Martha, Clark
Layout! (Postgame, that is.)
group picture group picture

Late 1990s

group picture group picture group picture


This game started as a pickup game by some students in the Computer Science Department at Duke in Spring, 1982. It evolved away from that, picking up many zoology/forestry grad students from Duke, EPA people, some UNC players, and a whole host of additional people from around town. The game just keeps on going and going...

Some FHP Ultimate Players, Past & Present

Aaron, Always first with AA, driving that big convertible SUV, writing copy
Abhi, Seema's husband from the EPA
Adam, from Jordan, a protoge of Chuck's
Adam, aka "Sting", Nortel engineer, biker, has a white lab, 89-
Adam, Sarah's older brother, went to UConn, 89-93
Ahmet, Tall, bearded, Duke grad
Al, Basketball playing Duke CS person with curly hair
Allan - a Newf(?!), Ottowan
Alicia, brought to us by Pete
Amy, a gritty player
Andrea Keeping your water quality in NC first rate
Andrew Duke Ultimate Player
Andrew the med student, with hard-as-hell forehands
Andrew who just graduated from Jordan HS
Andrew the Pro, Susan's boyfriend, jet-fighter in a biplane dogfight
Andy, Hoosier who now lives in Rocky Mount
Andy from the EPA, never slows down, a winter huck-master, moved to Seattle
Andy with the day-glo jacket
Andy, the short guy who ran as fast as a horse, 83
Anselmo, the Cuban wonder
Ashley, an amazing player, fast, good thrower, working on Earth Systems at Stanford
Auggie, the man to beat
Barry, always wearing cord's, ripping forehands, 83-94
Ben, from Duke, lucky swill-thrower
Bill, with curly hair
Bill, or Mark, from UNC CS, 92-
Bill, with curly hair, someone named Eric told him about us
Bizzy, with all her words... 85-87
Blake, friend of Jake's, who'll they bring next, Drake?
Bob, a cut-stealing competitor
Bobby, a friend of Jeff's
Bob P. Bob, trumpet-player in the Duke BB Band, from Elleville Ohiho, 83
Brad, from Warrenton, NC, 50 miles away (OH MY!)
Bradley, From Atlanta, beard, recovering from ultimate burn-out, with bold Brigitte
Brandon, Diving eyebrows
Brenda, Marcia's sister from Mexico City
Brian, from UNC hospitals, good faker, handler, big_bmd and Friend School alum
Brigitte, Bold Latino
Bruce, Radio, Cap, never smiles, scrapes by to get his Master's
Buddy, from the beach, looking for a game with people more his age (?!)
Cartwheel Carol, 85-86
Caroline, happy, demure cyclist Quintillion
Charlie, the traveling bruised rib guy
Chas, from Botony at Duke, ready to run (98-)
Chris, a bio-sciences guy, teaches anatomy
Chris, thin, graceful, and amazing, off to TX
Chris, with his grass-mowing forehand throws
Chris, the bio-molecular EE CS grad student
Chris, from Duke's School of the Environment
Chris, environmental dude, works for the state
Chris, from Raleigh, who says (when asked "Don't they have any games in Raleigh"), "Not on Tuesdays they don't!"
Christian, who tries to get us to play by the rules
Chuck, never-say-die player, always ready to go
Chulpa, med student, often the key-master who lets us on to the field
Coleman, Coleperson, Deadhead, 90-
Courtney, always plays with a smile and tie-dye
Craig, flickmaster, blond champion sign-maker (law student, now)
Dan, new to town, plays hard
Dan, thin, fast, hard-to-cover (his hair can't even cover him)
Blue Dan(ube?)
Dale, he's short, but watch out, he's building & leaping tall buildings
Danny, from Cato, Montreal, just found out about the game, and is looking for more
Darwin, day-glo converse all-stars, always early
Dave, looks like Pete except taller and broader, Wren's friend, 94-95
Dave, from Dartmouth he came, to Dartmouth he returned
Post-doc Dave, neurology, light complexion, 88-93
Dave, barefoot Dukie, gone to England for field research, and now he's back
Dave, the blond guy who could jump high, and walk barefoot in the snow, but tore his ACL
Dave, the hockey player, 88-90
Dave, looking for coffee shops
David, with the beard and considerable talent, moved to TN then to IN
David, who lives across the street and is always running by (aka John the Baptist)
David, Speedy, in-your-space defense (except on Susan)
David, Teenager, blond hair, has at least 6 coaches on any Saturday
Dean, from Michigan, who's either got a sweetie who's an ex-Dukie, or has an ex who's at Duke
Denise, Duke CS, mid-80s
Devin, Boris-Becker-lookalike, Melissa's brother, plays ultimate here, tracks animals and makes killer apple pie with henna'd hair
Diana Stacey's sweetie, new to game, Ottowan
Diane, from the Triangle's women's team, showing us all how to cut
Dina, from Egypt, 89-90
Donna nice lady, Ottowan
Donny, from Garner, 88-92
Doug, who went to Med School
Duncan, from Utah, where floaters don't float so well
Dwayne, Silent, serious, long hair
Ed, Panama, guitar playing, got his nose rearranged, 83-92
Other Ed, runner, ankles? I think he still has some, 82-
Elizabeth, the real estate agent
Eric, brought to us by Brigitte
Eric, from the Netherlands, got married and disappeared
Eric, tall, junk-mail sender, Duke BME student
Eric, aka SCUD
Eric, black, with black curly hair, from the EPA
Eric, white, with black curly hair, from the EPA
Eric, wild-eyes, figures it ain't worth playing unless you dive
Eric, Co-op at IBM, from uabama
Eric, Purple shorts, South-paw
Eric, Fuzzy philosopher from UNC
Eugene, long black hair, chiropractic wife, 95-
Francis, from Carleton College
Fred, the Podiatrist
Gary, "scary", owns the only 4-door Justy in the world
George, the new one, got hurt on July 4th
George, fast, bandana, all-out Duke fan (Iron man), the mail order cleat-finding guy, headed for Cincinnati
George non-White, Hoosier, great hands, headed for Central America
Gianfranco, the zippy Italian, 86-90
Greg, landscaper, bright shorts
Gwen, Ottowan, visiting Michael
Happy, Floridian that likes outhand throws, 82
Heather, she's not letting anybody beat her! or have shorter hair!
Helen, SACM President from Duke, married Tom, 84
Henry, who makes so many darn good defensive manuevers that we have to play offense all the time
Homi, Pete Sampras' brother? Lives next to Lynette, BME uBiology person
Hunter, Noel's friend, has a sister named Gatherer
Ian, Marcia's brother from Mexico City, where stall counts end at 3
Ian - heavy duty knee bracing, Ottowan
Jake, from F'ville, he goes AWOL just to play with us
Jan, the sneaky red-headed former volleyball player, married to Chuck
James Buddy, too much plutonium, 84-89
James, who can't quite keep up (yet), 95-
Jamie, sustaining the environment
Javier, who thinks he's been playing a long time
Jeep, Dr. Serious with a wagon-full of kids
Jeff, who has the longest throw ever, 85-90
Jeff, from Jordan, no longer with long hair
Real Jeff, from Colorado
Jeff, Val's brother
Jeff, EE/Med student, brought Joan to the game
Jennifer, she's tough as the guys, but nice as the girls
Jeremy, who visits us when he's on a break from CMU
Jesse, the senator from NC, known to dive face first in the mud on occasion
Jill - good lady runner, Ottowan
Jim, who either calls someone "Big Nose" or is called "Big Nose"
Jim, who's trying to get started again
Jim, with all that blond hair
Joan, who didn't care for mud, but always played, and married the italian
Joe, peace corps, hoosier, EPA diver
Joe, reformed alcoholic, IBMer, big guy
Tall Joe, Frankenstein, 83-85
Joel, "I don't think so, Mr. Pujara!", T-shirt designer from Jordan
John JCL, 82-83, 86-94, who married Susan
John Turnley, good player, cherry picker
John, from UNC CS
John, from Duke CS
John, red beard, smart player, UNC Inst of Gov prof, JMU PhD
John, tall guy in shiny green shorts
John, aka Haggar, Winter Leaguer, former IBMer
John, Duke Environmental Engineering Grad Student, married to Liz
John, young man of far east descent, very fast, no flick (yet)
John, big guy, found us on the I-way
John, Carolina MBA, pretty slow (his opin)
Jon Blackthorne, knee brace, found us through the UPA pickup list
Jon, the brute in soccer shorts from UVA, 86-88
Jonathan, teacher at S and M, dad of Ike and Jacob
Jorg, German with the 1972 Bonneville muscle car (83-84)
Josh, a stunningly good player in the mud (throws while sliding)
Judd, with the kneebrace, always fun to play with
Judith, energetic and determined physical therapist
Julie, Nurse, Duke, UNC, golfer
Karen, quiet and reliable
Kathy, EPAer, works with Chuck, wants to resume after a 10-year hiatus
Kathy, from Chapel Hill, wants to ride her bike
Karl, from Carleton College, the Forestry student who married Katrina
Katrina, who married Karl
Katya, if we all cut like her...
Kelly, Duke CS receptionist
Kim, another gritty player, she has long braids
Kin, Malaysian, Duke CS person
Kunal, he loves to play hard (and laugh), and brought us Sarah
Lance, a big guy with speed
Lanya, from South of the equator, quiet and determined
Larry, the psychiatric student who cut his head and went to work for the Army
Lars, your's truly, loves to catch & throw, and has scored over 10,000 points at FHP
Laura, Owen's wife, excellent player, doctor
Lauren, Montessori teacher, picked an excellent husband
Leah, once from Oregon, stopped at Oberlin, now in Durham
Leigh, always laughing
Lisa, who'd she come with?
Lisa, and her dog Buddy
Liz, UNC Public Policy student, married to John
Liz, an excellent and devoted player
Lo-Tech, bad jokes and a foul mouth all day and night (what was his real name?)
Lynette, PT Student, brought to us by Michael (from TAMU)
Marcia, from Mexico, married to Andy, moved to Seattle
Marcy, married to Peter, plays hard
Mark, CS professor at Duke, 86-93
Mark, hand-farting Italian-American cellular phone dude
Mark, that tall guy from the EPA
Mark, a very hairy guy from Georgia, friend of Mike and Huck's
Mark, from WL, climber, wirey and fast
Mary, who works with Tom in Neurology
Marya, where did she go? She's back!
Matt, very quick, bearded
Matt, Duke Ultimate and Track
Melissa, the chick from Brooklyn, who tells the EPA how to do their job, 1995-
Michael, Computer support person at Duke CS
Michael, The NorTel Canadian lad, eh?
Michael, Found us from Texas, brought Lynette along
Michelle, Teacher who prefers Costa Rica
Michelle, Forestry student, from CO, lived with Susan
Mike, could be Brett Favre, friend of Ted's
Mike, with his dog Huck and his long huck
Mike, from Orlando, found us on the I-way
Nancy, who was always on time ;-)
Nancy, the Wilder eco-biologist
Natalia, comes with John, plays hard
Nate, friends with Jeff, Karen and Tom
Nathan, Noel's brother, always riding to play with his little brother
Nathan, married to Suzanne, tall, fast, works at IBM, does something with C++
Ned, the Aikido locomotive, 82-88
Neil, a reliable, but not outstanding player
Nick, or snick, on his bike
Noel, that little kid who (who's not so little any more) could show up any of us
Norris, fast zoologist
Ollie, UNC medical photographer from "Ole Miss"
Oscar, John's son, growing up very skilled
Owen, Laura's husband, duck-footed runner
Paul, friend of Bradley and Brigitte's, tall, fast, Duke grad student
Paul, fast runner, bad hucker
Peter, long arms, long legs, legendary toes, and a great laugh, 91-
Peter, the med student, Andrew's roomate, 90-95
Peter, colorful pants, 93-
Peter, Father of Zan
Peter, Grande OPU
Phawn, world-traveled woman
Vanilla Phil (Turkey on white, plain)
Rafy, a rehab guy who occasionally works with boneheads
Riddick, who thought he saw Jesus and John the Baptist playing
Tall Rob, loves to play, teaches at NCCU, brings Nick and Sonia, 86-
Rob the lawyer, with kids, 88-
Rob blond hair and beard, back-troubles
Rob, one day he had a beard, glasses and dark hair, the next, he didn't
Ron, tall, bearded, works in Duke Med Ctr
Ronnie, Tennessean, Duke CS, excellent BB player
Rose Marie she played hard, but did she pay attention?
Sam, with long hair, "Roar" fan, from NCSMS, going to Duke
Sam, with long, bushy hair, "Roar" fan, from NCSMS
Sallie, a former Outward Bound instructor, now a physical therapist who is taking lessons from Brigitte on mooning, and seems to enjoy hucking
Sandy, the Amazon who always brought her dog and told us all what to do
Sarah, Adam's sister
Sarah, brought to us by Kunal, picked up the game very quickly
Scanga, an undeniable man!
Scott long legs, long arms, most improved player of 1998
Scott from Canada, works with Michael
Scott bearded, what else?
Scott with the bandana, went to Japan for a while, 86-
Scott with the hair, Ed's friend and nosebreaker, 85-92
Scott rock-climber engineer, aka "scooter" (which he didn't care for), 88-90
Scott, good hands, from Duke's School of the Environment
Seema, Xan's friend
Sharon, In the picture above
Stacy, red hair, red cabriolet (except it's white, now, and it lost the "let"), red attitude (turning pink?)
Stacey, Ottowan, black long curly hair, likes to run, visiting Michael
Stash, long legs, 86-90
Stephan, from UNC CS, Tim's grade school friend
Steve, from UNC CS
Steve, Xan's friend
Steve, who plays with us when NCWUL has canceled their games
Stu, who has too much energy and is too friendly
Sue, Jan's friend from grad school, Forester
Sue, Duke Biology? Zoom!
Susan, the "Island" girl
Susan, From Michigan, worked at UNC, 85-86
Susan, The Butterfly Woman, 7-year veteran, 89-
Susan, who married John, and moved away
Susan, tall, long throws, been to the NW
Susie, mother of Kara and Mara, married to Eric P.
Suzanne, who's married to Nathan, president of JPL-east, has winter/summer appearance
Ted, having fun, canoeing and camping with youths in Henderson
Teri, who has her own cheering section (Nick and Sonia)
Terry, camps out with Ted, former Marine, in to Eastern Spiritualism
Tim, Bhuddist monk, EPA guy, a bit of a bruiser
Tim, A lifelong NC resident, fun to play with
Tim, Chapel Hillian from mid-80s
Todd, The RA from NCS&M
Tom, plays at SAS, but wants more
Tom, Tall, broad shoulders, plays occasionally
Tom, of Internet fame (but no fortune), married to Helen, 84
Wyld Tom, with rechargeable batteries and snowshoes
Pharmer Tom, Chuck's old roomate, he has a new job every time he plays
Lithium Tom, got that huck disease, Mr GoSouth
Tom, who once dated Karen (we think)
Tom, a friend of Coleman's (get some cleats!)
Tom, black tights, maroon WL shirt, plays well
Trey, all on or off, Susan's husband, sailor, woodworker, engineer
Valerie, teaches at Jordan, Jeff's sister
Vasu EPA get-around-town kind of guy
Vick CS grad student, bikes alot, expert computer dude
Victor Sidewalk hotdog man, rapid acceleration, the muddier the better
Warren, Vroom, vroom, 89
Wil, Durham Academy student (now at USC), Forest Hills resident, no hair, USC student
Will, Fast, excellent player (from WL)
Wren, handsome, fast, high-jumper, friendly, kind, but gone, 93-95
Xan, who's so smooth, had green wheels
Xan #3, the latests in Xan technology (now in female)
Yuji, he always makes the effort
Zan, only player that's 8, 2000-
Zemo, played first here on his wedding day

Any more? Send some mail with more memories or other comments

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