Comp 14: Introduction to Programming

Schedule and Lectures

Blue Cells Denote Recitation
Yellow Cells Denote No Class
Date   Topic Reading Assigned Due
31-Aug w intro, computer architecture ch1    
2-Sep f install the compiler   Program 0  
5-Sep m operators, expressions, data types ch 2 Homework 1 Program 0
7-Sep w Casting, class String, variables, input      
9-Sep f MeanFive      
12-Sep m variables and objects ch3   Homework 1
14-Sep w Input/Output to Files Homework 2  
16-Sep f Window String      
19-Sep m if statement ch4    
21-Sep w logical operators, switch statement p1049-52 Program 1 Homework 2
23-Sep f start on Pr #1      
26-Sep m while loop ch5    
28-Sep w more while      
30-Sep f     Homework 3 Program 1
3-Oct m Guest Lecture: for loop    
5-Oct w Guest Lecture: more iteration      
7-Oct f Diamond      
10-Oct m Object Oriented Design (336-357) ch 6   Homework 3
12-Oct w methods      
14-Oct f Midterm Review      
17-Oct m Midterm 1 covering chapters 1-5      
19-Oct w discuss Midterm 1 ch 7, ch 8  
21-Oct f FALL BREAK      
24-Oct m Applet Intro, Reference Parameters Program 2  
26-Oct w Arrays ch 9    
28-Oct f AscendingOut      
31-Oct m Methods      
2-Nov w Two-Dimensional Arrays ch 12   Program 2
4-Nov f LinePainter   Program 3  
7-Nov m Event Based Programming ch 13    
9-Nov w Some 2-D Geometry      
11-Nov f Life      
14-Nov m Object Oriented Design      
16-Nov w Timing       
18-Nov f PushMe   Program 4 Program 3
21-Nov m Group Discussion: Snake      
28-Nov m Group Discussion: Tetris   Final Program Program 4
30-Nov w tetris      
2-Dec f tetris      
5-Dec m Semester Review      
7-Dec w Semester Review      
9-Dec f Semester Review      
12-Dec m        
14-Dec w        
16-Dec f Final Exam, 4pm, Phillips 383