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I graduated from the University of Virgina in 2001 with a double major in philosophy and cognitive science. While at UVA, I also fullfilled the course requirements for the pre-med curicula, but before I could make it to med school, I wound up falling in love with science. Real science. Cutting edge advances in human understanding. No more rote memorization for me. ("Here are two lists of the same length. When I say a word from the first list, you tell me the corresponding word in the second list. Don't worry about what these words mean or why any two are matched together"). I have Dr. William Levy to thank for this.

At UNC, I have developed an obsession with climbing. I have gotten progressively better, and can now on-sight a 5.8+ and with practice, climb many 5.10's. I recently bought this fingerboard. I will eventually build my own climbing wall.

Email: aleaverfay at gmail dot com