Paul Rademacher
Paul Rademacher
p a u l . r a d e m a c h e r  [at]  g m a i l . c o m

A combination of Craigslist and Google Maps, for viewing rental and for-sale listings across the country.
Software Engineer at Dreamworks Animation (2001-2005).
GLUI, my GLUT-based user interface library
View-Dependent Geometry -
In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99.
Also in SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Theatre.
"Desert Dreams" - Shown at SIGGRAPH 99 Computer Animation Festival.
Multiple-Center-of-Projection Images - In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 98.
Range Image Registration by Consistency of Empty Space
The Reanimatron (grad school fun)
Ray Tracing: Graphics for the Masses. Summer 1997 issue of ACM Crossroads.

p a u l . r a d e m a c h e r  [at]  g m a i l . c o m