Ram Krishan Kumar

Graduate Student
3D Computer Vision Group
Department of Computer Sc.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill







ramkris 'at' cs 'dot' unc 'dot' edu

Office: SN153
Sitterson Hall
Dept. of Computer Science
UNC, Chapel Hill
Ph.No: 919-962-1840

I am interested in Computer vision and worked with Jan-Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys. I have graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science from UNC in Dec'09. Currently i am on leave of absence from the program. Previously, I obtained my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India in July, 2007. I worked under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Mittal on Illumination Invariant Background Subtraction for my final year undergraduate thesis. Since graduation, i have been working in quantitative trading which involves generation of new investment insights by identifying statistical patterns in the behaviour of markets.

Previous Publications

Player Localization Using Multiple Static Cameras for Sports Visualization, CVPR 2010
Simple Calibration of Non-overlapping cameras with a mirror, CVPR 2008

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