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You’ve reached the web site of Jason McColm Smith.  I’m a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I received my MS and PhD in Computer Science.  Currently, I am at IBM Watson Research, continuing my research into static analysis of software design using hierarchical concept abstraction.  See the SPQR link on the left for more information on the project as implemented for my doctorate, and background information on the technologies in general.

I hope you didn’t have a difficult time finding this page, I hear rumors that I can be a hard man to find...

(This site is undergoing a redesign, if you find a missing link, mail me.)

Jason McC. Smith

Name: Jason McC. Smith

Employer: IBM Watson Research, Hawthorne NY

Contact Info

  1. smithja@cs.unc.edu

  2. 914.784.7125

  3. 19 Skyline Dr
    Hawthorne, NY 10562

Research Pages


Automated Detection of Design Patterns in Source Code via Formal Methods

A Transparent-Video Collaborative Technology

Most Recent Publications

  1. Intent-Oriented Design Pattern Formalization Using SPQR, Jason McC. Smith, David Stotts, in Design Pattern Formalization Techniques, Toufik Taibi, Ed., Apr, 2007.

  2. ... All Publications


  1. SPQR

  2. FaceTop

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Experience

  1. Comp 144