Airplanes in the Smith Center

I wish I had video of my plane sailing down to the court, off the backboard, and into the basket! And of the two different janitors who told us to stop throwing things (even though we had permission)...

Johnathan had a winner on this throw.

Travis also had a winner with his own design.

Thomas was third, but I think not on this throw -- this plane is going down.

Jenny's plane, in the upper right, turns back

Lauren, caught in the act of throwing

Alan's plane is the blur in the upper right.

Augh! I moved the camera for the launch of the tube planes.

Using some mathematics to deblur...

Three tube planes still flying

The aftermath

Our folding class at the South East Origami Festival:

Click here for Andrea's photos of some models at the festival

Thomas with one of Vincent Floderer's blown bases

SEOF volunteer with Jenny & Lauren

Jenny, Lauren, & Crissy folding

Susumu Nakajima folding rings and things with Emily & Ashley

Erin at Oriland

Things Andrea folded at SEOF 02

Two of the teams' folding projects:

Torus: it tastes like burning

By the Sea Shore

Origami & diagrams

The assignment was to make three things from at least two different bases (kite, fish, waterbomb, bird, or frog), to become more familiar with the origami folds and with the commonalities and differences of models derived from the same starting points. Here are six samples; Click here to see all 19 of them. Click on any picture for a large version.

Purse, rabbit, offering box

Shell, Flower, Yoshizawa flying crane

Waterbomb, bird, anglefish

Vulture, Yoshizawa flying crane, maccaw

Fish, flower, mouse

Mouse, seal, kingfisher