Weekly Reports

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May 1st to
May 7th
Tuesday, 02 May: We demonstrated the project in class... Almost done!
Wednesday, 03 May: We met with our client today and delivered the final product (and Client Notebook). He seemed very pleased. We also wrote the Final Report and compiled the Boss' Notebook.
Apr 24th to
Apr 30th
Wednesday, 26 Apr: We are done. Implementation and testing are completed. All that remains to be done is finalizing documentation and drafting final reports.
Apr 17th to
Apr 23rd
Wednesday, 19 Apr: We are very close to being done with the coding and testing portion of the project. The coding will be finished this weekend and the testing will be done soon after. Then, all that remains will be documentation and updating our manuals.
Schedule: We see the end of the tunnel! We're right on track.
Apr 10th to
Apr 16th
Monday, 10 Apr: The Implementation Manual was completed. It needs a little more content, but that will come as more code is written.
Wednesday, 12 Apr: We presented our demo to Dr. Stotts. As of this point, a basic keyword search on business name is possible. At our weekly meeting, we decided to meet this weekend in order to try to make a significant dent in the coding. After coding and testing are done, we will update all of the documentation and prepare the final product.
Schedule: According to the Gantt chart we are off schedule. We'll actually be editing the Gantt chart before this is all over, so it more accurately reflects the correct time sequence. In terms of project completion, we are confident that the project will be completed without any problems.
Apr 3rd to
Apr 9th
Wednesday, 5 Apr: This week has been spent working on the Implementation Manual and beginning actual implementation. Steven began working on the Dictionary (needed to progress with the servlet). During our weekly meeting, we decided to meet this weekend to get some coding done. There's not much to report, but many different things are going on.
Schedule: We are starting to code the Servlet now (all the mySQL is done and pretty much tested). We are on schedule.
Mar 27th to
Apr 2nd
Monday, 27 Mar: Rebecca and Genie finished writing all of the SQL queries. We're waiting for the MySQL server to be up before we can test our work.
Wednesday, 29 Mar: Nolan and Genie installed and tried to configure and run both the Java web server and the MySQL server. Ultimately, Nolan got both of them running and it's time to have some fun. Nolan is currently our team Hero. Thank you, Nolan!
We met with our client this afternoon and discussed what to do with our servers (which are currently unsupported by Facilities). Stephen Aylward suggested that we try to get the servers supported. We discovered, however, that this responsibility lies with our client and the boss, since students really can't request anything. After meeting with the client (and finally getting the final contract signed), the team met for an hour and a half. At this meeting we delegated tasks for completing the Implementation Manual and starting the coding process.
Thursday, 30 Mar: Genie created the tables in the database. Testing of the queries that were written will begin early next week.
Schedule: We are completely back on schedule, now that the servers are running. We have an (almost) complete understanding of what the coding portion of the project will consist of, and we're well on our way.
Mar 20th to
Mar 26th
Wednesday, 22 Mar: We had a very productive day. The team met with Paul Yushkevich. Paul gave us a lot of useful information about how the implementation of our project works. He described different options we have for implementation and generally clarified some goals for the next several weeks. We were scheduled to meet with our client, but something seemed to have come up on his end. The team researched and learned about MySQL, Java Servlets and JDBC. During our weekly meeting, we began writing our SQL queries.
Schedule: We haven't had a chance to do any formal learning of the programming languages we need to use. We're slightly behind on that aspect.
Mar 13th to
Mar 19th
Spring Break: Not much happened over Spring Break. We each researched a little.
Schedule: We're staying on schedule.
Mar 6th to
Mar 12th
Wednesday, 8 Mar: Rebecca and Ruby had a very informative lesson in web development. The whole team also had a very productive weekly meeting. We designed our database and drew up the E-R diagram and relation schema. Over Spring Break, the team plans to gather information and continue learning about our implementation choices: Java (and servlets), JDBC, MySQL.
Schedule: We are right on schedule. Our current challenge is to gather information regarding our implementation choices.
Feb 28th to
Mar 5th
Tuesday, 29 Feb: We finished the User Manual.  Each member created their own page, and Nolan and Genie created the mockups for the user manual from html screenshots.
Wednesday, 1 Mar: We met with our client who checked over what we were doing and approved. We also discussed the research that we had done about which database implementation to use, and tentatively decided.  We decided to hold off on a final research decision (to make sure that we have picked the right one) until next week. 
Feb 21st to
Feb 27th
Tuesday, 22 Feb: We finalized the contract. The updated version is online. We're waiting to meet with our client (Wednesday) in order to get signatures and turn it in to the Boss.
Wednesday, 23 Feb: During our weekly meeting, we came up with design standards for the recommendations web page and the User Manual. We also decided to create preliminary web pages which we'll use as screen shots in the User Manual. The team also formed a list of Milestones and posted these as the intro to our course web page. We plan on having our separate parts of the User Manual written and given to Steven (the editor) by Tuesday. Steven will then compile and post the first version of the manual online.
Feb 14th to
Feb 20th
Tuesday, 15 Feb: Genie posted the PERT chart. The team is waiting for delivery of Microsoft Project before creating the Gantt chart.
Wednesday, 16 Feb: We had our weekly meeting from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. We created our Gantt chart and decided not to use Microsoft Project, since a preliminary version had already been done in Microsoft Excel. We also sketched out a site map for the web page associated with the recommendations database. The sections for the User Manual were decided upon and assigned to team members. Steven is the User Manual Editor.
Thursday, 17 Feb: The Gantt chart was posted.
Feb 7th to
Feb 13th
This was our first weekly meeting. The first week was spent trying to contact our client.
Wednesday, 9 Feb: Steven, Nolan, Ruby and Genie met with the client, Stephen Aylward at 4:30 PM. We gathered information in order to write the first draft of the contract. The contract was written and posted on the web that same evening.
Friday, 11 Feb: Steven, Nolan, Ruby and Genie met at 2 PM to create paper versions of the WBS, PERT chart and Gantt chart. We created the WBS and PERT documents, but we are waiting to speak more with Rebecca before finalizing our Gantt chart.
Saturday, 12 Feb: Genie posted the WBS on the web. The PERT chart will be posted at the beginning of next week.