Primary Requirements
Secondary Requirements

Contractor/Client Obligations

  The party of Joseph Barefoot, Joe Russ, David Shuart, and Lee Long shall hereafter be collectively referred to as the contractor. The party of Carl Hatchell shall hereafter be referred to as the client. The contractor agrees to provide the client with a functional software product that meets the specifications defined below under Primary Requirements. The contractor agrees that the product will be delivered to the client no later than May 4, 2000. The contractor further agrees that if the Primary Requirements are satisfied before the scheduled delivery date, additional software capabilities/refinements, as specified under Secondary Requirements, will be developed as time permits, to be deliverable to the client no later than May 4, 2000. The contractor agrees to provide the client with documentation describing the design and use of all software delivered to the client no later than May 4, 2000. The client is responsible for providing adequate, but non-technical, descriptions of software functionality, to be used by the contractor in developing the software product. The client is also responsible for recommending revisions to the product, particularly the graphical user interface.

Project Summary

 Sylvia Hatchell, Carolina’s women’s basketball coach, annually holds a summer basketball camp for high school and junior high school basketball teams throughout the nation.  An expected 80-100 teams attend each camp.  The teams are categorized into four level of varsity, one level of junior varsity, and one level of junior high.  These subsequent levels are partitioned into a variant number of leagues.  Due to the complexity of scheduling game locations and times, the camp organizers are in need of a basketball scheduler that will resolve the problem.  This is where the Last Choice Hoop Scheduler comes into play.

Primary Requirements

Scheduler Interface

1. Method of logging camps, leagues, and teams.
2. Ability to modify session times and court availability.
3. Scheduling Algorithm that meets the following constraints:
       a. Varsity teams are guaranteed as least one game in Carmichael barring time constraints.
       b. All teams are guaranteed at least two games in the Smith Center.
       c. Varsity teams have priority over other teams for playing on large courts.
       d. All teams play at least one game per session.
       e. No teams play back to back games, whether within one session or between two sessions.
4. Ability for user to make manual modifications to the schedule, such as swapping games and/or courts.
5. Method of creating error reports if schedule conflicts after manual modifications are made.


1. Master and League Schedules
2. Court Distributions
3. Error Reports

Secondary Requirements

1. A user friendly Graphical Interface.
2. Ability to schedule inter-league play.


1.  Visual C++ version 6.0 will be used as the development platform for the scheduler.
2.  Pre-existing code from previous attempt of the same project.


The algorithms that must be designed and implemented for the scheduler are very specific and complex.  Some of the scheduling constraints may have to be modified or ignored to obtain a workable solution.


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