Welcome to the HOOPScheduler Implementation Manual. This document is meant for those persons who are/will be responsible for maintaining the code for the HOOPScheduler project.

All of the coding for the HOOPS project was done in Visual C++ version 5.0, and the project consists of three major components: the User Interface, the Scheduling Algorithm and the Project Tools. The functionality of each of the components can be found in the HOOPS User Manual.

The following is a guide to this manual:

  • The first section is composed of descriptions of each of the major components of the project (Interface, Algorithm & Base Classes). Each description will explain how the component is implemented; what tools, controls, etc. were used; and any other useful information.
  • The second section shows the specifications for the major classes in the project. The specifications describe the purpose of the class, the functionality of the class, and how the class relates to other parts of the HOOPS project.
  • The next section is a description of the design and testing of the project. This includes a discussion of the USES relation for the HOOPS classes, Cohesion and Coupling of the modules, and the Build & Test Plan.
  • There is also a class index, which lists all of the HOOPS classes. The index will indicate what part of the project the class pertains to and links to the specifications for that class.
  • The last section is a listing of all of the diagrams used in the Implementation Manual.