Scheduling Algorithm Problems

(problems are roughly in order of priority0

Problems identified as of February 15

Critical Problems:
1.  Not scheduling a team to play during a session if there are fewer time slots than games to be played
     (by the league the team belongs to) during that session.
2.  When there are 10 teams in a league, only 8 are scheduled to play (sometimes).
3.  Some courts in Woolen are not scheduled for ANY games, j.v., junior high, or varsity.
4.  Varsity teams NOT scheduled to play on Woolen courts AT ALL, despite the obvious implication that
     this might prevent a team for playing during a session (unacceptable).
5.  Scheduling teams to play back-to-back games when the schedule requires a team to play twice during a
     session (only for leagues that have an odd number of teams).

Secondary Problems:
6.  Scheduling the first team on the league roster to play (many) more games in Carmichael than the rest
    of the league -- court distribution bad in general.
7.  Scheduling teams to play the last game of one session and the the first game of the succeeding
     session (may be impossible to eliminate, but must generate an error report at the least)
8.  Unable to assign priority rating existing courts / unable to assign priority rating to newly-created courts
9.  Error reporting entirely inaccurate and poorly categorized

**NOTE** -- Since the algorithm output is channeled through the GUI, crossover problems may exist here.
see  GUI Problems