With the Courts page, you set whether the court is available in a particular session, what time each session starts on each court, and how long the games will last.

The box at the top of the page lists all possible courts.  Each individual court is listed, as well as options for all courts in a particular building and all possible courts.  The All Courts option will set court availability during the sessions,  the session start time, and game duration for every court that will be used in the camp.  The all-building options, such as SmithCenter-All, sets the same three pieces of information, but for all courts in that building.

When you select a court option, the text boxes will become enabled based on what sessions will be used in the camp.  You will enter the start time (8:00 - am or pm - is written as 800) and the duration of the game (in minutes) for each of the sessions.

If a court is not to be used during a particular session, you can uncheck the corresponding check box.  If a session has not been selected on the Sessions page, you will not be able to enter court information for that session.