The leagues page allows you to view, add and delete leagues.

Adding Leagues

To add a single league, type the name into the New League Name box, select a League Level from the drop-down list below, and click the Add League button.  Each league must have a unique name.  When a league is added to the camp, it will be displayed in the list to the right of the page. If you open an existing camp, all leagues that were previously added will also be displayed in this list.
To add multiple leagues, use the Multiple Leagues edit box on the right. Enter the league names one per line, followed by a comma, then the level. Use "a","b","c",or "d" for high school levels, use "jv" for junior varsity and use "jh" for junior high. You can enter these as lower or uppercase letters.

league1, a
league2, d
league3, jv
league4, JH
league5, B

After entering the leagues, click the "Add Leagues" button to add them to the camp. Click "Clear Leagues" to clear the contents of the Multiple Leagues edit box.

Deleting Leagues

To delete a league, click on its row in the list and click the Delete League button.  In order to delete a league, it must not contain any teams -- therefore, you must remove all the teams in a particular league before you delete it.

The League Stats list in the bottom left-hand corner of this page shows how many teams have been entered in the camp so far.