Main Window

The window that opens when you start HOOPS contains several drop-down menus as well as a toolbar. Note that all the toolbar functions are accesible from the menus at the top and vice versa. When the application starts, you will have a new camp with no information in it.

Creating a new camp

To create a new camp, click on the blue "E" in the toolbar, or select "Edit camp" from the Edit menu. This opens the campEditor and starts with the General Information tab page. After naming your camp, adding comments, etc., go on to the Leagues tab page and then the Teams tab page to add leagues and teams to your camp. Important: You must create leagues and teams before proceeding to any other tab pages, or data errors may occur.

League Schedule Views

To display a league schedule on one page for printing and distribution purposes, click on the blue "V" in the toolbar, or select "League Schedules" from the Preview menu. Now select the View League Schedule button (it looks like a stack of papers) just to the right of the crossed-out blue "V", or select "Select League" from the Preview menu. This pops up the League Select dialogue box.

Simply select a league from the drop-down menu and click "OK", and the schedule for that league will be displayed. To close the League Schedule View, click on the crossed-out blue "V".


< To see what the league schedule you have selected will look like on paper, select the "Print Preview" button (it looks like a sheet of paper with a star on it) on the left, in between the "Print" button and the "Print Options" button. This brings up the preview view, where you can view the schedule as it will appear on paper. To close the print preview, simply click the "close" button to return to the League Schedule view.


If you want to print out the league schedule you have selected, simply click the "Print" button on the toolbar. You can also print out the schedule from the Print Preview page if you wish.