When you click on the Schedule page for the first time, the schedule will automatically be generated.  Once the schedule is generated, there are two different ways to view the data -- Master and League.  The Master view lists all of the games in the camp, and the League views list only the games that will be played by the teams in the selected league.  All views of the schedule show each game as a row in a sort of list; the rows are ordered first by session, then by game start time, and then by the court where the game will be played.

Editing Master Schedule

Important: Manual changes can be made ONLY from the Master view.
Each row of the schedule contains the following: game number, session, start time, court, league1, team1, team2, and league2.  The game number is used when swapping game information.  The game number, session, start time, and court are not editable; the other fields, however, can be modified individually or using the swap button.  The full league names are listed, but teams are identified only by their number.  A key listing which number corresponds to each team can be found in the Schedule Preview/Key page. CampEditor.

To swap games:
Select the numbers of the games you would like to swap from the drop-down lists, and then click the "Swap Games" button. The two games will now swap timeslots in the schedule

To edit team/league information:
To change individual fields, double-click on the text you would like to change -- the first click will select the appropriate field, and the second click will cause a selection box to appear.  After the box appears, select the new information from the selection list.

Deleting one or more teams, leagues or courts will invalidate the data contained in the schedule -- to generate a new schedule that will reflect your changes to any camp information, you need to click on the Schedule button to reschedule the camp.


Each schedule view can be printed using the Print button in the upper right hand corner of the page.