The teams page allows you to enter new teams, modify team information and delete teams.

Adding Teams

To add a single team, enter the team name and coach name in the text fields on the left, and select a league level and league name from the drop-down menus at the top. If you select the league first, the level will appear automatically. To add multiple teams, use the Multiple Teams edit box on the right. Select a league and level, then enter the teams one per line, followed by a comma, then the coach name. After you add your team(s), they will appear in the list at the bottom of the window

team1, coach1
team2, coach2
team3, coach3
team4, coach4

Modifying Team Information

The only information that can be modified about a team is the Coach name.  To modify any other team information, you must delete the team then add a new team with the correct information.  To change the coach name, select the appropriate team in the list of teams and click on the Make Changes button.  When you have changed the coach name, click the Save Changes button, and the modified team information will show up in the team list. Any time you add a new team or modify information, all four pieces of information must exist.

Deleting Teams

To delete a team, simply select the approprate team in the list, and click the Delete Team button